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A broad range of accounting and business services

We support Thai and foreign companies with a variety of business services.

Many of our clients have recently established operations in Thailand and require help with and advice on accounting, work permits, legal issues, local markets and miscellaneous support with getting their Thai businesses off the ground.

Since 2003, we have enjoyed working with start-ups and small businesses as well as assisting multinational companies setting up their local offices. We are proud that so many of them continue to use our services on a long-term basis.

If you have any special business support needs not covered here, please contact us. We and our collaboration partners cover a wide range of services often required by new and established companies alike.

One of our core business services is providing ongoing accounting support and advice to foreign businesses in Thailand.

We are accustomed to legal and financial issues related to international companies doing business in Thailand. We have helped clients overcome most common complications, and can help your company avoid time-consuming and sometimes expensive mistakes.

Our professional Thai co-workers are English speaking and experienced working with international clients. Over the years, we have developed excellent relationships with relevant local authorities.

The service fees are generally based on a monthly retainer. For a fixed monthly fee, we handle all of your regular accounting needs and make certain that all legal requirements are fulfilled.

Package pricing

Whether you want to set up a Thai private limited company or a representative office in Thailand, we can assist with the procedure. Our experts will advice on your options and handle the practical steps.

Our company formation service for registering a Thai private limited company include:

  • Processing necessary documentation
  • Obtaining name approval for the new company
  • Obtaining activity approval for the new company
  • Preparing company work regulations (if required)
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Preparing the Memorandum of Association
  • Obtaining a corporate seal
  • Registering the company with the Department of Business Development
  • Registering the company with the Revenue Department

For more details of our Thai company formation services, please contact us.

Applying and obtaining Thai business visas and work permits requires some paperwork in the Thai language, and we recommend that you use help from someone with experience from preparing the documentation and dealing with the authorities.

We will guide you through the process and handle the practicalities of applying and gaining the Thai visas and work permits you require. Naturally, we cannot guarantee approval, but our experience and relationships will maximize your chances.

If you require assistance with your Thai visas and work permits, please contact us.

Operating a company in Thailand as a foreigner is not hassle-free. You often need support from local staff to understand and administer things which are routine for you in your own country. If you are a recent start-up without Thai employees, or just want some extra help from time to time, Europe Visa Thai Business Services can give you a hand.

Some examples are:

  • Open a bank account
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the company
  • Add or remove a company shareholder or director
  • Change the company name
  • Produce additional documentation
  • Dissolve a company
  • Increase/decrease your share capital
  • Register a trademark

No matter how small or large your need is, contact us.

Europe Visa can help you with your company’s translation needs. We have translated company and personal documents to and from Thai for many years, with a focus on the languages English, Swedish Norwegian, Danish and Finish. If you require other languages, let us know.

We can also provide interpreters to/from the Thai language who join you at meetings.

Living and working in Thailand as an expat inevitable leads to various contacts with the Thai authorities, whether it be related to your visa/work permit or taking a Thai driving licence.

You will also have contacts with banks and various other private organisations, which can be time-consuming and frustrating if you do not know the language and standard procedures, e.g. when applying for a credit card, buying a car or renting an apartment.

See us as your personal assistant who will assist you to make your life in Thailand a little more comfortable. We take care of the research, contacts, paperwork and accompany you to meetings when necessary.

Just some examples of what a Thai Personal Assistant can help you with are:

  • Buying a condo or a house
  • Completing your income tax returns
  • Applying for visas and permits
  • Opening a bank account or applying for a credit card
  • Making police reports and handling insurance claims
  • Shipping your belongings to/from Thailand
  • Drawing up wills and prenuptial agreements
  • Buying a car
  • Finding a maid, a school for your children, a lawyer or a good dentist
  • Travel or shopping advice
  • Looking after your home while you are abroad

Please contact us for more information on how we can serve as your Thai Personal Assistant on retainer or hourly basis.

Setting up and running your own company in Thailand is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have a viable business idea, starting and operating a business in Thailand is something to consider for all entrepreneurial spirits with a long-term interest in Thailand.

When starting up a business there are, of course, obstacles to overcome. Starting a company can be a challenge in itself, and doing so in a foreign country may seem undoable to many. However, with a some initial advice and support it is sometimes even easier than in your home country. If you already are an experienced entrepreneur, there is not much to stop you.

We have long experience helping individuals realising their business ideas in Thailand, from company registration and accounting support to market research and strategy advice. We are confident that you would benefit from our services.

Some examples of what we can help you with are:

  • Company formation
  • Accounting support
  • Business- and marketing plan, financial projections and strategies
  • Finding an office, recruiting staff and purchasing equipment
  • Producing marketing collateral
  • Initiating contacts and finding cooperation partners
  • Bridging contacts with the authorities
  • Clarifying laws and regulations and applying for permits and certifications
  • Import/export documentation
  • Visas and work permits

If you want to know more about our start-up support services in Thailand, please contact us.


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